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Glow Kastaplast Rask with Inked BlueWings Art




The Rask is quite a unique disc that has an interesting ridge on the bottom of the flight plate. It is designed with a ghost stamp on the bottom with a blank top, so it was asking for a BarleyFarm print! I chose the “Inked BlueWings” art, a fractal creation from the Bombaata variations. The art allows for the glow to shine through in the dark. This disc was part of the 2nd run of UV printed discs and uses minimal branding. It is stickered at 175g and scales at 176. You can read more about the Rask here.

Additional information

Weight176 g
Dimensions21.2 × 21.2 × 1.6 cm

Inked Bluewings


White Glow

Disc Model

Kastaplast Rask

Plastic Type

K1 Glow-Line

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