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Infinite Discs Pharaoh with Inked Bluewings Art




This smoky grey disc has a transparent flight plate that was a good combination for the “Inked Bluewings” art that also has some transparency. It is made from gummy champion plastic that is flexible and has a good grip. It is penned at 173-175 but scales at 176, more than the PDGA max weight for this model, which is 175.1g. The disc was overweight both before and after UV printing. The scale showed no weight difference after printing, which is the case with other discs that have been tested by me and my mediocre scale.

Additional information

Weight176 g
Dimensions21.1 × 21.1 × 1.4 cm

Inked Bluewings


Smoke Grey

Disc Model

Infinite Discs Pharaoh

Plastic Type

Gummy Champion

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